Sunday , July 14 2024

That’s what she said!

Start a diary, create a blog, just write.  Write how you feel, what is on your mind, the important thing is to get it all out and not keep it inside.  My doctor, that’s what she said.

So I decided to resurrect my old blog and put it up on this domain I was not using.  This site will be more of note to myself since I can’t remember anything but also allowing people on the outside to catch a glimpse of my doings.  You will see I am not a writer and do not use proper English but I don’t care so get over it.

Some things I want to do here:

  • Movie catalog and reviews plus what movies I have converted to digital.
  • Picture repository with all of my pictures finally organized.
  • Games catalog and reviews.
  • Soundboard, because why not.
  • Reviews of anything else I come upon.
  • Lists of my favorite Movies, Games, TV Series and anything else I can think of.
  • Document my medical history including digitizing the stacks of papers I have.

I’ll also be using this site for testing purposes once in a while so it might be offline, online or show some weird content and plugins.  Basically will be playground!

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