Thursday , April 18 2024

A Day in the Life of Scott

Well it is my birthday today the 14th of September and I thought I would write an article about how a day typically goes.  Some days are worse some days are better but here a typical day.  I have had a lot removed from inside me including many feet of intestine and my colon.  No colon means I do have an ileostomy and for lack of a better definition, I shit into a bag attached to my stomach.  Glorious huh?  Some will say too much information but I am always open and answer any questions people have.

Sometimes I can go on stretches of no sleep but when I do sleep I wake up around 3am-5am with a lot of pain in my abdomen.  I will take some pain medicine then sit down at my computer with a heating pad on my abdomen and stomach.  If it is really bad I might not even get out of bad all day.  I might try a cup of coffee and some toast also otherwise I wait until later in the morning or early afternoon to eat something. I have to sit with the heating pad for a better part of the morning and my body really doesn’t get going until around 1pm or so.

Now that I am functioning some I try to do things to help out like dishes, maybe vacuum, small things like that.  Days that I feel even better I do more but if I do too much I certainly feel it either that day or the next day.

Also throughout the day since I have no colon and reduced intestine I need to use the bathroom many times.  I also bleed quite often making my hemoglobin and ferritin always low.  This does make my energy levels low a good amount of time but I get infusions about every 6 months which helps for awhile.

That is part of what I deal with on a day to day basis with some days worse and some better.  I basically spend most of my time at my computer or on the couch but hoping things continue to improve.


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